Can a Tree with Carpenter Ants Be Saved in New Port Richey, FL?

You’re outside, taking in the sights and sounds of the landscape around your home. Suddenly, you notice ants marching up the trunk of your favorite tree. Upon closer inspection, you realize they are carpenter ants!

You’ve heard how destructive these invasive species can be and how they can spread to other parts of your home quickly. You’re also worried about the health of your favorite tree. So, you wonder, can a tree with carpenter ants be saved?

As the leading New Port Richey expert tree removal service, we get questions from many customers wondering if the presence of these ants means their trees are doomed. We’ll cover all the details you need to know about rescuing trees from carpenter ant damage.

Carpenter Ants Are Not Killing Your Tree

The fact that you see carpenter ants around your tree doesn’t mean they are killing it; this is the first thing you should know when it comes to managing carpenter ant infestations in trees. If you can spot these insects around your tree, it shows your tree is decaying or dying.

Carpenter ants are decomposers. Therefore, they can’t tunnel and nest in a totally healthy tree. Thus, when you’re asking, “Can a tree with carpenter ants be saved?” what you’re essentially asking is, “Can I get rid of these carpenter ants and cure my tree from the underlying issue plaguing it?”

Some of the underlying issues that can weaken your tree and make it attractive to carpenter ants include:

  • Poor pruning habits leading to deep injuries
  • Fungal diseases
  • Overwatering

Saving a Tree Infested with Carpenter Ants: First Things First

Before you start the process of saving your tree, you need to consider the extent of the decay.

If the decay that attracted the carpenter ants hasn’t gone too deep, there’s a high chance of saving the tree. However, you may need to call in a certified arborist to inspect the tree and make an informed judgement on the health of the tree.

If the decay has gone too deep, you should probably stop worrying about the carpenter ants, as the arborist will recommend removing the entire tree.

Remedies for Trees with Carpenter Ants

If your tree is still healthy enough to save, you can get rid of the carpenter ants in two ways:

The Use of Insecticides

Many of the insecticides that work for termites will also work on carpenter ants. However, treating trees with carpenter ant infestation with insecticides is tricky.

You must apply the insecticide directly to the nest opening and get the mix right to avoid damaging surrounding landscape vegetation and even your tree.

The Use of Bait Stations

One downside of using insecticides is that they rarely wipe out an entire carpenter ant colony and any nearby extension.

On the other hand, worker ants will help you take the poisoned baits into the colony to the queen. Some of it will also get to the extension colony, eliminating all the ants completely.

You just have to place the bait as close to the nest as possible. Otherwise, other generally harmless or even beneficial ant species may cart the bait away.

Once the ants are all gone, you can focus on revitalizing your tree.

Get Expert Help From a Certified Arborist in New Port Richey, FL

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