Where Do Trees Get Their Nutrients On Your Leesburg, GA Property?

We all know that trees need water and nutrients to grow. However, for most people, that’s as far as their knowledge goes. There’s a lot that they are clueless about.

For instance, where do trees get their nutrients? How do trees convert those nutrients into the energy that fuels their growth? Read on as we share the source of tree nutrients and break down how nutrient uptake in trees works.

What Nutrients Do Your Trees Need?

Before we touch on tree nutrient absorption, let’s first take a quick look at the nutrients your trees need. After all, keeping your tree healthy will go a long way in avoiding tree removal in New Port Richey.

Every tree species is unique. As such, the exact nutrients a tree needs to grow healthy and strong will vary. That said, the following nutrients are key.


If you still remember a bit of biology, you know that photosynthesis is vital to a plant’s survival. This is the process plants use to make food.

Nitrogen is essential in facilitating healthy growth because of the role it plays in the photosynthesis process. This nutrient helps your tree produce more chlorophyll, which enables it to absorb energy from the sun.


You probably water your tree as often as possible. However, if the tree doesn’t have enough potassium, it won’t be able to absorb water. Like nitrogen, potassium also helps trees produce chlorophyll.


Phosphorus is another essential nutrient that helps the root absorption of nutrients and water from the soil.

Additional Nutrients

Your tree will need more than phosphorous, potassium, and nitrogen if it is to remain healthy. It’ll also require micronutrients, such as sulfur, calcium, and magnesium.

All these nutrients play a crucial role in your tree’s longevity. For instance, magnesium helps your tree transport sugar from the leaves to the rest of the plant. On the other hand, calcium is vital in the formation of the hard exterior layer of woody tissue.

Tree Nutrient Acquisition

Where do trees get their nutrients from? Your trees have three primary sources of nutrients: water, air, and soil.

They get carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen from air and water. The rest of the nutrients, they get from the soil they grow in.

How Do Trees Get Nutrients From the Soil?

Again, we all know that trees use their roots to absorb water and nutrients from the soil. However, how many of us know how the roots work?

A tree’s root system is quite complex. It consists of a long taproot that digs deep below the surface and small root branches that spread out and anchor the tree. This extensive root system can sometimes lead to issues like tree roots getting into pipes, especially in urban environments where underground infrastructure is common.

Just like your skin, roots have many layers. The outermost layer is semi-permeable, meaning it allows water to pass through it. On top of this semi-permeable layer, roots also have hairs that sit near the tip. Due to their large surface area and ultra-fine nature, these hairs are able to absorb a lot of nutrients.

Sometimes, your tree could partner with certain fungi to absorb even more nutrients. This happens more frequently in trees growing in poor soil.

Professional Tree Care in New Port Richey

Where do trees get their nutrients? The answer might seem simple. However, understanding your tree’s nutritional needs goes a long way in ensuring it stays strong and healthy for years to come.

At Stevens Tree Service, we are committed to providing the professional tree care solutions you need to maintain your tree. From helping you address nutritional deficiencies to explaining the dangers of invasive trees, we’ve got you covered.

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