Why Do Trees Fall: Four Common Causes

Although trees are incredibly sturdy and robust, they aren’t invincible. They tend to fall prey to numerous issues that decrease their structural integrity and cause them to fall without warning. However, many New Port Richey homeowners only understand the basics of tree care and wonder, “Why do trees fall?” 

To better understand the answer, Stevens Tree Service put together a few common reasons trees fall.

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The Dangers of Falling Trees

Falling trees prove exceedingly dangerous and can destroy nearly everything in their path. They can cause substantial property damage, severe injuries, and even death, making it crucial for homeowners to remove hazardous trees before they fall. Fortunately, most dangerous trees display warning signs before they fall, allowing homeowners to eradicate them before they jeopardize their property and family’s well-being.

If you notice any of the following, contact a professional arborist for immediate tree removal services:

  • Numerous dead branches
  • Holes, cracks, and excessive trunk damage
  • V-shaped limb growth
  • Fungal infections

Four Causes of Falling Trees

So, why do trees fall?

Trees can fall for multiple reasons. Some suffer from root problems that diminish their structural security, while others experience excessive storm damage that weakens their structure. Consider some common causes of falling trees in New Port Richey, Florida:

1. Tree Decay

Many trees contract diseases that cause them to decay at an alarming rate. Excessive damage can also accelerate decay and increase the likelihood of the tree falling over. Although minor decay along damaged branches isn’t always a cause for worry, immense deterioration often requires tree removal before the tree becomes a safety hazard.

2. Tree Age

Old trees often weaken more than younger trees and become vulnerable to falling over. They have trouble supporting themselves and can’t withstand the elements as well as they used to. Strong winds, turbulent storms, and soil erosion can uproot older trees and cause them to fall.

If you have an old tree and believe it poses a safety threat, contact a professional arborist for a risk assessment. They will evaluate the tree and alert you if it jeopardizes your property.

3. Poor Soil Conditions

Poor soil often can’t provide trees with enough nutrients to grow and stay healthy. Without nutrients, trees can’t maintain their structural integrity, causing them to deteriorate and eventually die. Additionally, poor draining soil can damage the roots and cause root rot that accelerates decay and makes them more susceptible to uprooting.

Always plant trees in healthy, well-draining soil to prevent root issues and overwatering. You can also fertilize to enhance the soil’s nutrient levels, helping the tree maintain superior health.

4. Strong Winds

While trees can withstand moderately windy conditions, they can only handle so much before experiencing damage. Powerful wind gusts can knock down a tree, especially if it has a compromised root system. 

Although you can’t do much to protect your trees from strong winds, performing routine maintenance will keep your trees healthy and increase their wind resistance. 

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