Can You Plant a Tree Where a Stump Was Removed?

When a tree dies on your property in Dunedin, FL, it leaves an empty space in your yard. The shade and beauty it offered die off with it. Anxious to replant, you seek answers to a question that many homeowners ask.

Can you plant a tree where a stump was removed? At Steven’s Tree Service, our stump grinding experts in Dunedin, FL have guided countless homeowners through tree and stump removal. Find our answers below. 

Why Did the First Tree Die?

Before planting a new tree in the same spot as the old one, consider why the previous tree died in the first place. The circumstances surrounding the tree’s death could affect the new tree’s health and longevity. Learn about some common causes of tree death below.  

Poor Soil Quality

Sometimes, a tree dies because the soil in which you planted it lacks the nutrients to support its growth long-term. The soil could also possess an unbalanced pH, which will also contribute to a tree’s demise. Before you replant in the same spot, test the soil for nutrient density and pH levels. 


Trees can also die from a disease. Bacterial, viral, and fungal infections can take down even the strongest of trees. If your tree died from such an infection, you should plant the new tree somewhere else. Remnants of the tree stump and root system may still harbor the organisms that caused the disease, passing it along to the new, healthy tree. 

Other Environmental Issues

Sometimes, trees die because of other problems like:

  • Incorrect conditions that didn’t facilitate optimal tree health (i.e. too much shade, not enough water)
  • Age
  • Traumatic damage (i.e. wind or lightning trauma)

In such cases, another tree may survive in the place of the old tree. However, complete tree removal must take place before you plant a new tree. 

The Pitfalls of Planting a New Tree in Place of an Old One

Planting a new tree in an old tree’s place comes with its issues. In addition to spreading diseases or struggling with unideal soil, your new tree might struggle because:

  • The old tree’s roots leave little room for development
  • The old tree used most nutrients
  • Sawdust and other tree remnants can make the soil uninhabitable for new tree growth

Most tree experts won’t recommend planting a new tree where another one once stood. You could unwittingly waste your money and face grave disappointment.  

Can You Plant a Tree Where a Stump Was Removed?

So, can you plant a tree where a stump was removed? Although it isn’t advisable, you can plant a new tree. However, you must take great care to identify and assess the old tree’s cause of death.

Otherwise, the new tree could fall victim to the same ailments as the old tree. The cycle of loss will continue. Do the following before you dig a hole:

  • Check the soil quality with testing kits.
  • Double-check to ensure that the site provides an optimal environment for the new tree’s needs. 
  • Get rid of any and all traces of the old tree. 
  • Mix an appropriate fertilizer or compost into the soil to ensure the new tree gets the nourishment it needs. 
  • Make sure you follow the best practices for planting trees. 

Give Your New Tree a Strong Start with Steven’s Tree Service

Can you plant a tree where a stump was removed? Technically, you can. But you must first remove all of the old tree’s remains.

Is a dead tree or an old stump creating an eyesore on your property? We know how to safely remove dying trees and what to do with tree stumps. Contact Steven’s Tree Service at 727-734-8733 to request a free estimate on your removal job.  


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