With the arrival of Hurricane Season

With the arrival of Hurricane Season

Hurricanes are no stranger to the Tampa Bay Area and the rest of the
Sunshine state. We hear on the news on how to be prepared for hurricanes
with non-perishables, bottled water, extra batteries for flashlights,
generator safety and so much more. Often times, we forget to prep the
exterior of our homes, and unfortunately, this preparation must be done
more than just a few hours before a hurricane makes landfall.

The trees outside of your home that give you that much needed shade over
your house and in your yard have the potential to cause immense damage
during storms if not properly cared for. Our ISA Certified Arborists can
guide you to the best possible care for your trees before storm season
really gets rolling.

What are a few possible recommendations could an ISA Certified Arborist
during your consultation?

1. Trimming: Having your tree limbs properly trimmed by a professional can
help eliminate flying debris that could cause damage to your property and
surrounding areas. It will also make post storm cleanup easier. Our ISA
Certified Arborists look for dead, decaying limbs and broken, rubbing or
defective limbs. If limbs are hanging low over your home, yard and
driveway, our arborists would suggest those to be trimmed as well.

2. Removal: If you have a dead or decaying tree, the only safe option for
you and your family, your property and surrounding areas would be a
complete tree removal. In strong winds and storms, trees can fall through
homes and cars, block roadways and destroy anything and everything in their
pathway. The destruction can be catastrophic.

Save yourself from the damage trees can cause during storm season and call
Stevens Tree Service. Get a free quote scheduled today with one of our ISA
Certified Arborists before storm season arrives so that you and your
family, home and property can be even more prepared this 2023 hurricane


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