What Are Tree Suckers and How to Control Them 

Have you ever wondered, “What are tree suckers?” Unexpected growths on your tree’s base and canopy sap essential nutrients from dominant branches. Tree suckers typically form at your tree’s base, emerging from beneath the ground and alongside tree trunks. 

Tree suckers seem harmless, but untreated tree suckers and water sprouts can cause several problems for property owners. This blog post explores the question of “What are tree suckers,” and outlines valuable tips for eliminating epicormic growth from your landscape. Speak with stump grinding experts in Dunedin, FL, for more information about live oak tree suckers in Florida. Removing tree suckers from your landscape may prove more straightforward than you think.

Understanding Tree Suckers 

Unlike invasive insects that primarily seek dying trees, tree suckers usually form on entirely healthy trees. Trees receiving abundant nutrients and adequate sunlight sometimes grow additional shoots that divert essential nutrients away from canopy branches. Additionally, tree suckers may form on diseased trees as your tree stimulates new growth to repair itself. 

Tree suckers look like long, thin branches and typically grow upwards, towards sunlight. Some tree suckers can grow over ten feet long if not removed by trained professionals. Consequences of failing to remove tree suckers from your elm, ash, maple, or hickory trees include: 

  • Defoliation 
  • Disrupted photosynthesis process
  • Unsightly epicormic growth 
  • Weakened structural integrity

Tree suckers grow on countless tree species all across the United States. Before hastily chopping tree suckers, speak to your local arborists to answer the question, “What are tree suckers?” and learn about how you can control them. 

Controlling Tree Suckers in Tampa Bay 

Tree suckers strain your tree’s vascular system and create unwanted growth in your yard. Tree sucker growth may not indicate further tree care concerns; however, you should always consult tree experts for further assistance. A few of the most effective tips for controlling and removing tree suckers include the following. 

Regular Pruning 

Learning what tree suckers are can help you develop strategies for keeping your yard pristine. Tree suckers grow out of your tree’s base, creating their own root system beneath topsoil layers. Regular trimming and pruning services can prevent tree suckers from growing out of control. Use pruning sheers to snip tree suckers off your tree, using caution not to cut into the branch collar. 

You may have to dig deep into the ground to find the tree sucker’s roots. Failing to remove the whole root may result in increased tree sucker growth the following season. 

Tree Health Inspections 

Create a tree health maintenance plan that includes watering, mulching, and fertilizing your growing trees to minimize tree suckers. Properly cared-for trees recover quicker from fungal infections, diseases, and troublesome tree suckers. Test your soil quality to ensure adequate growing conditions for your property’s trees. 

Growing Healthy Trees in Florida 

Highly trained arborists can help you with all your tree service needs in Tampa Bay, FL. Many ISA-certified arborists offer the following services to keep your trees happy, healthy, and hazard-free: 

  • Arborist consulting services
  • Emergency tree services
  • Moss reduction
  • Stump grinding 

Learn more about tree suckers by contacting your local arborists. Tree service companies can turn any infuriating outdoor project into a helpful, hassle-free experience. 

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