Does Stump Grinding Kill Roots?

Though an effective stump removal method, does stump grinding kill roots as well?

Professional tree removal helps you safely cut down a dead, diseased, or damaged tree. However, this service doesn’t always deal with the stump.

Besides being unsightly, tree stumps also increase the chances of infestation and tree regrowth. They can also become tripping hazards. While stump grinding can help you prevent this, the process isn’t as straightforward as many might believe.

Read on to learn more about the removal process from Dunedin’s stump grinding experts.

Understanding Your Tree’s Root System

Your tree’s root system consists of large perennial roots and small feeder roots. The large roots grow horizontally, while feeder roots grow outward and upward from the larger roots.

Feeder roots are responsible for absorbing nutrients and helping the tree grow. However, the system’s large roots serve to keep the tree stable. Depending on your tree’s age, its roots could be as deep as 12 feet.

Does Stump Grinding Kill Roots?

Removing your tree might become necessary due to disease, age, or storm damage. However, after removing the tree, you will still need to deal with its stump.

This is where stump grinding comes in. The process involves grinding down the stump and cutting it into small wood chips that you scatter around your yard. While the method can help you eliminate unwanted stumps, does stump grinding kill roots?

Unfortunately, grinding a tree’s stump will not kill its roots. Stump grinders only deal with the issue at a surface level. As such, the tree’s root structure will remain intact deep inside the ground.

If you would like to also remove the tree roots, you’ll need to utilize an additional method. Alternatively, you could opt for a different procedure that will remove the stump along with the tree’s root system.

How To Eliminate Roots After Stump Grinding

Stump grinding does not prevent sprouts from growing from the roots it leaves behind. In some cases, these sprouts can grow into adult trees, especially if the soil has enough nutrients.

Fortunately, you can take some steps to get rid of roots after stump grinding.

Herbicide Application

Cutting down a tree and removing its stump doesn’t kill the tree. However, investing in a quality herbicide should do the trick.

Applying the herbicide over time will kill the tree’s roots and prevent them from sprouting.

Digging Out Root Systems

Alternatively, you could dig up the soil and manually remove the tree’s root system. However, this approach is becoming less common because it proves labor intensive and time consuming.

Remove the Sucker

With the roots no longer having the tree’s leaves and branches to depend on, they turn to the root sucker to thrive. Removing these suckers will help you get rid of the roots.

Professional Stump Grinding Services

Have you recently removed a tree from your yard and need professional stump removal services? Reach out to Stevens Tree Service today and let us help you avoid the risks a decaying tree stump poses.

Though stump grinding might seem straightforward, it remains a complex job that requires the specialized expertise of a skilled arborist.

We have a team of well-trained, ISA-certified arborists ready to dedicate their skills to providing effective stump removal solutions. They will not only remove the stump and cut it into wood chips but also help you deal with the tree’s root system.

Our team will also answer any questions you might have, such as “Does stump grinding kill roots?”

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