What to Do with Tree Stumps: Should You Get Rid of Them?

Many clients ask us what to do with tree stumps. The short answer is that tree stump removal is usually the best option. However, it’s also a complex project to remove the entire stump, so most people hire a tree removal service to use a stump grinder instead. 

Why get rid of the dead stump at all? In this post, our experts at Stevens Tree Service explain the importance of stump grinding in Dunedin, FL, and why you should remove a tree stump.

Top Reasons to Remove a Stump

The following reasons are why many tree experts recommend removing tree stumps.


Tree stumps are an ugly reminder of the beautiful tree that once stood there. While we may have romantic notions of a pretty little stump in the middle of a meadow, the reality is different. The stump looks out of place and makes the property look unkempt. 


The first time you stub your toe on that stump, you’ll understand the potential danger. Not only is the trunk remnant a dangerous tripping hazard, but so are the roots. 


Rodents and other pests never ask what to do with tree stumps. Instead, they move right in. 

While they prefer dead trees, a stump that is a few inches deep is the next best thing. It’s not just small pests like termites and ants but also rodents.

It won’t take long for them to look for new sources of food in their territory, and they’ll start scavenging in or around your home. Stump grinding is far less expensive than dealing with a termite problem. 


Some people never worry about what to do with tree stumps because they assume they will rot away. The wood will rot, but it takes time.

In the interim, fungi and bacteria make their home in the wood. Those spores end up traveling long distances and can be toxic to your family. 


No, we don’t mean the walking dead but rather a live tree. Trees are resilient and may begin to sprout again, despite being chopped down. 


The trunk takes up space you can use for something else. It gets in the way when you need to mow and is an eyesore. Until you deal with it, you can do nothing else with that space because of the rotting wood and pests. 

Property Protection

Like the stump, the roots can continue to grow. This may result in property damage, especially if you removed the tree to make way for a building nearby. If any part of the stump is above the surface, the roots can sustain themselves. 

How to Remove A Tree Stump

After deciding to remove a tree stump, you have different options for doing so, including: 

    • Stump grinding: Stump grinding involves grinding away the stump until just below ground level and severing the roots. It’s the quickest, most convenient option.
    • Dig it out: This is the best method but also the most difficult. You need to cut away the roots and remove them before attacking the rest. The trunk can be heavy, so you may need heavy equipment to remove it, and you will need to fill in the hole afterward.
    • Burning: Burning works but can be dangerous as the roots can smolder for weeks.
    • Use chemicals: You will need to drill holes in the wood so that you can apply the chemicals. It’s not ideal if you have pets or children because the chemicals are caustic. 

Do You Need Assistance with Stump Removal? 

Now that you know what to do with tree stumps, you might need help with property cleanup. Contact us at Stevens Tree Service at (727) 734 8733 to schedule service in Dunedin, FL. 


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