Dormant Oil for Fruit Trees: What You Should Know

Winter is a tough time for fruit trees. The cold can cause the soil to harden, which makes it harder for tree roots to absorb water and nutrients. It also causes the roots to shrink, causing them to die.

To protect your tree from these problems, you should apply dormant oil for fruit trees. Dormant oil will help prevent disease and decay and keeps the soil from drying. What’s more, Palm Harbor’s tree service experts advise that dormant oil will help keep your trees warm during winter by reducing evaporation from their leaves.

What Is Dormant Oil for Fruit Trees?

Dormant oil is applied to the bark of fruit trees in the winter before they wake up from their long winter slumber. It protects your tree from pests, including insects and fungi.

Workers apply dormant oil to the tree’s bark by drilling holes into the trunk and using a liquid solution allowing the tree to absorb it. The oil coats the tree’s outer layer, creating a barrier between it and any insect eggs that hatch throughout the winter months.

Dormant oil also helps prevent fungal diseases from developing on your fruit trees, which can cause problems for the tree and fruit.

How to Apply Dormant Oil Spray on Fruit Trees

Tree care specialists apply dormant oil to fruit trees in the winter, and it’s a good idea for homeowners to do the same. This is when the tree is dormant and not actively growing, so it won’t absorb or retain any of the oil. Instead, it will simply coat the tree’s bark and protect it from insects and other pests.

You can apply dormant oil yourself if you want to save money, but we recommend hiring a pro with experience applying this product. If you use too much or miss a spot, you could kill your tree by suffocating its bark and killing beneficial insects.

When applying dormant oil on fruit trees, make sure to:

1. Apply dormant spray during cold weather (between 35 and 40 degrees Fahrenheit) when there is no chance of rain or snow within 24 hours after application.

2. Use only high-quality dormant oil for fruit trees with ingredients like neem oil.

3. Clean the sprayer thoroughly with soap and water before using it again. This helps prevent fungal spores from getting on the trees.

4. Shake up the can of dormant oil well before spraying it onto the tree’s bark and branches. Make sure that you have coated the entire surface area of the tree in oil; it takes only a few minutes for this process to be complete!

5. Once you have covered your tree in dormant oil, wipe off any excess product with a clean rag or paper towel and dispose of it properly (don’t throw it down into your yard).

6. Be sure to wear protective gear, including gloves and goggles, during this process.

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Applying dormant oil for fruit trees is an important part of winter tree care in Florida that can help keep your trees healthy and strong. The arborists at Stevens Tree Service are here to help you understand the importance trees pose to your surroundings.

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