The Five Most Wind Resistant Trees for Your Property

In the beautiful state of Florida, your landscape is vital and must withstand wind damage. Therefore, you need the most wind-resistant trees for your property, and some tree species handle wind better than others. Contact us today when you require large tree services from Steven’s Tree Service.

When planting trees, you must consider factors contributing to wind resistance, such as their availability of water, contact with the sun (yard placement), and the soil conditions around them. Below are the five more wind-resistant trees for your Florida property.

1. Bald Cypress

This Louisiana state tree succeeds in both dry and flooded climates. It can tolerate numerous weather conditions and is one of the most wind-resistant trees you can plant. This tree is perfect for adding timeless beauty and elegance to your Florida landscape.

2. Cabbage Palm

This tree is Florida’s state tree, native to the state, and has a second name of Sabal palmetto. It requires little effort to maintain because the tall tree can last in cold temperatures and wind.

3. Live Oak

Live oak trees are a classic pick for a stunning Florida yard, requiring plenty of space to grow because they can reach almost 60-feet tall! They can also grow up to 100-feet wide and live for hundreds of years. These are perfect for Florida residents since they are storm-resistant and one of the most wind-resistant trees.

4. Southern Magnolia

Southern magnolia trees often serve as beautiful property borders or decorative yard plants. They stand apart from many others because they can grow up to 90 feet tall! Their white velvet flowers are present in the warm spring and summer months, smelling of evergreen leaves and lemon.

Plant some southern magnolias for trees that smell delightful and gorgeous look.

5. Tulip Trees

You will need to manicure your tulip trees frequently to make them more wind-resistant. Overgrown tulip trees are more prone to wind damage.  However, tulip trees can outlast severe storms if you care for them properly.

Trees You Should Avoid Planting in Florida

While the sunshine state has beautiful trees, there are some unable to withstand the strong winds. For example, trees with shallow roots are unlikely to last long if powerful winds strike them. Some of the least-wind resistant trees to avoid planting include:

  • Chinese elm
  • Laurel oak
  • Sand pine
  • Water oak

Trees With the Highest Wind Resistance

If you are looking for maximum wind-resistance, consider planting the following:

  • American holly
  • Bald cypress
  • Crape myrtle
  • Dahoon holly
  • Dogwood
  • Florida scrub hickory
  • Inkberry
  • Live oak
  • Myrtle oak
  • Podocarpus

Trees With Medium-High Wind Resistance

Other trees with decent wind-resistance you should consider planting include:

  • American hophornbeam
  • Black tupelo
  • Chickasaw plum
  • Common persimmon
  • Florida sugar maple
  • Fringe tree
  • Japanese maple
  • Ironwood
  • Mockernut hickory
  • Pignut hickory
  • Post oak
  • Red bud

Tips to Increase Wind Resistance

No matter which trees you decide to plant, consider these helpful tips for wind resistance.

  • Native trees are more likely to combat wind best, so plant them in groups. They can withstand severe weather more than exotic trees, which can’t adapt to the climate as natives do.
  • Regularly pruning trees helps their wind resistance and health.
  • Trees anchor better when they have adequate root space to grow and thrive.

Steven’s Tree Service can help you maintain the most wind-resistant trees on your Dunedin, FL, property. Contact Steven’s Tree Service for the best residential and commercial tree services in the Tampa Bay area.

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