5 Tips on How To Water Newly Planted Trees

So you just planted a new young tree and are now months away from livening up your outdoor space with an exciting natural addition. The anticipation and quick growth can be the best part of tree parenting until you realize that you don’t know how to water newly planted trees properly. 

Young trees are far more demanding than established ones and need frequent watering, often daily. But even then, it takes more than a heavy watering cycle to nurse trees to their fullest potential. But if you follow these five simple steps, you’ll be well on your way to growing a lush, healthy, tall tree.

1. Young Trees Need Two Inches of Water Every Week

The exact amounts of water your young tree needs depend on species, size, where you planted it, and a few other factors. But generally, you’ll want to give trees two inches of water per week to keep them growing. 

It’s challenging for many amateur arborists to measure that amount precisely. So if you need a simpler, more specific frame of reference, give your new trees 2.5 gallons of water for every inch of the trunk’s width. Both methods lead to proper hydration.

2. Shift Your Watering Schedule Based on the Trees’ Age

Young trees’ watering needs shift quickly, even when they’re still relatively young. But if you follow this schedule, you’ll keep your trees hydrated and healthy: 

  • Water trees each day until they are two weeks old
  • Water trees every other day until they are 12 weeks old
  • Water trees every week until their root systems fully develop

3. Water Your Tree Before It’s in the Ground

Proper tree care begins even before planting. To ensure you’ve primed the tree for ideal growth, you’ll need to water the tree roots when they’re still bunched up. If you dampen the rootball before planting, the tree will be more receptive to receiving water. 

Caring for young trees is a lot for one person with minimal training. And if the watering steps become too demanding, you can call for tree services in Palm Harbor by Stevens Tree Service. Our team knows how to take excellent care of any tree, and we promise to set yours up for a long life of growth.

4. Mulch Is Your Best Friend

Planting your young tree in mulch is the most effective way to keep it healthy. Mulch has a wide range of benefits that keep trees hydrated and receiving nutrients, including: 

  • Keeping water from evaporating before reaching the root system
  • Stopping weeds from growing that would steal water from the tree
  • Insulating the tree to keep it climate controlled in extreme hot and cold weather
  • Improving the overall health and nutrient content of the soil

5. Pay Attention to Where You Planted

The conditions of where you planted the tree will determine how much water it needs and how often you’ll need to hydrate it. For example, if you place your tree on sloped ground, most of the water will roll downhill before reaching the root system. Or, if your tree is in direct sunlight, it will need more water to combat rapid evaporation. 

Trees are durable and will grow in most places. But to keep them healthy, you’ll need to pay attention to the tree’s environment and adjust your watering plans accordingly.

Professional Tree Care and Removal

Sometimes it’s too demanding to water newly planted trees properly. And if you can’t get your young tree the right amount of water or set up a helpful irrigation system, it will develop diseases and can even die entirely. 

Steven’s Tree Service helps you care for your new or ailing trees. We offer trimming, pruning, stump grinding, and removal services that nurse diseased trees back to health or remove problematic ones from your yard at a competitive price. 

Call our team today at (727) 734-8733 to schedule an appointment, and learn about the benefits of planting trees.


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