How to Apply for Tree Removal in Safety Harbor, FL

Like most things, trees don’t last forever. Sometimes homeowners need to remove a tree to expand their homes or prevent insect infestations. However, removing trees in Safety Harbor is more complicated than you might think.

In Safety Harbor, a permit is required to remove trees, but many people don’t know how to apply for tree removal permits. Luckily, the tree service professionals in Safety Harbor are here to help.

How to Find Safety Harbor’s Tree Removal Application

In 2015 the Safety Harbor commission put a tree ordinance into place that included the following:

  • A protective tree list
  • Tree planting requirements
  • Pruning regulations
  • Requirements for tree replacement and removal

Since then, Safety Harbor residents must apply for a tree removal permit before they replace or extract their trees. However, homeowners don’t have to fill out the application if:

  • The tree in question isn’t on the protected tree list
  • The tree’s trunk has a diameter less than 4 inches, measured 4.5 feet above the established grade
  • The tree is dead and verified by the city arborist
  • The tree is under 4 inches in DBH (diameter-at-breast-height) and isn’t a protective tree replacement
  • It doesn’t qualify for any of Florida’s Exotic Pest Plant Council lists

To learn how to apply for tree removal, go to the Tree Protection tab on the city’s website, where you’ll find the application. The application fee is $25 for residential parcels and $100 for others.

The Application Process

The application asks for some basic information regarding the homeowner, their trees, and their property. You must list the protected tree’s species and show its location on a small drawing of their property.

You can replace the protected tree you want to remove or pay a small fee. Homeowners can choose from over 30 replacement trees located at the bottom of the application. You must plant the replacement trees within three months of the removal date or risk additional charges.

Once you fill out the application, you must wait until the city approves or denies your request before moving forward.

Criteria for Approval for a Tree Removal Permit

Several factors determine whether your application will be approved:

  1. The protected tree in question poses a safety hazard to vehicles, pedestrians, or buildings in the surrounding area
  2. The tree disrupts public or utility services
  3. The tree has become weakened due to age or extensive damage
  4. The tree’s health is in rapid decline
  5. The tree is suffering from a fatal or communicable disease
  6. The tree has a severe insect infestation resulting in declined health
  7. The tree has a hazardous or defective structure
  8. The property owner wants to build or expand their home in the tree’s location

Most people receive approval within one or two weeks if they qualify. Once the city approves your tree permits, you can start the tree removal process.

First-Class Tree Services in Safety Harbor, FL

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