When Is the Best Time to Trim Trees?

If you have trees on your property, you’ve probably wondered, “When is the best time to trim trees?”

While most people believe the best time of year to trim trees is just before the winter months, this actually isn’t ideal. In the winter, trees are preparing for their dormant period, and trimming them removes the food reserves they need to survive the harsh winter.

The right time to trim your trees varies depending on what type of trees you have and why you’re trimming the tree. Keep reading to learn more about tree trimming and the best time to prune trees.

The Best Time to Trim Trees: 4 Scenarios

Arborists prune and trim trees to remove dead and diseased branches, which helps maintain the overall health of the trees. They also trim trees to enhance the safety of passers-by and surrounding properties. And, of course, they prune trees to enhance the overall appearance of the trees and the property.

Regular trimming throughout the year keeps trees healthy. You can also prune trees at any time of year if there are dead branches that pose a safety risk. However, some special circumstances warrant pruning at specific times of the year.

For instance, pruning a tree in late winter, just before the spring growth spurt, helps the tree heal quicker, according to the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) tree-trimming and pruning guide.

Here are the best times to trim trees for several types of trees and new trees:

Best Time to Trim New Trees

New trees should be inspected and trimmed at least once or twice a year. This trimming keeps them strong, healthy, beautiful, and safe.

Regular pruning when trees are still new also prevents large wounds when trees get older, which can leave the tree vulnerable to insect invasions and disease. In addition, practices such as topping to reduce a tree’s size can harm its health.

Young trees require pruning regularly to promote their structural integrity and shape. How often to do this depends on where you live, but a professional tree service should be able to advise you.

Best Time to Trim Subtropical Trees

Subtropical trees, commonly found in California and Florida, are best trimmed all year round. This is because they constantly replenish their plant tissue due to the abundant supply of sunlight and rain. However, never trim more than 30% of live tree tissue in any one season.

Best Time to Trim Deciduous Trees

Deciduous trees lose their leaves every year in the colder months. It is best to prune these trees in late fall when they have already entered their dormant season to eliminate diseased branches and pests.

Best Time to Trim Flowering Trees

It’s best to prune flowering trees after they bloom. This stimulates the tree to produce new wood that will create new flower buds and give you spectacular flowers in the spring. Keep in mind that each flowering tree species has its own guidelines for when to trim.

If you are unsure about the perfect timing to trim your trees, you can always consult our arborists.

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